Version 1.3 is Live

After months of playtesting, and a week of frantic edits, version 1.3 is live. There are some significant changes.

  • Traits have received a major overhaul and now work a little more like traditional RPG attributes.
  • Stability & Momentum have been replaced with Breath. Vitality partially replaces Marks.
  • Marks are now Conditions.
  • Downtime has been completely overhauled.
  • More Skills have been added to the game.
  • Sorcery & Alchemy both have updated rules.
  • Talents have been expunged from the game.
  • Rules for advancing Skills, Reputations, & Relationships have been updated.
  • The 2-page character sheet has been expanded to a 7-page Character Folio.


v.1.3.Plunderlight.Digest.Size.pdf 891 kB
Jun 06, 2019
v.1.3.Plunderlight.CharacterFolio.pdf 158 kB
Jun 06, 2019

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