GHOST ORBIT version 1.1 is live!

We've just updated GHOST ORBIT to version 1.1! Changes include:

  • .docx files of the Intake Manual and Union Rep Guide to use with screen readers.
  • The Intake Manual now contains a short section on player vs player interactions.
  • The Union Rep Guide no longer contains a sample crisis. In its place it has:
    • Brief guidelines for running and creating supporting characters and adversaries.
    • Guidelines for player characters to recover certain Traits mid-crisis.


1.1_CCS_Ghost_Orbit_Station_ID.pdf 19 kB
Nov 02, 2019
1.1_CCS_Ghost_Orbit_Intake.pdf 258 kB
Nov 02, 2019
1.1_CCS_Ghost_Orbit_Union_Rep.pdf 273 kB
Nov 02, 2019
1.1_CCS_Ghost_Orbit_Intake_Text_Only.docx 19 kB
Nov 02, 2019
1.1_CCS_Ghost_Orbit_Union_Rep_Text_Only.docx 20 kB
Nov 02, 2019


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If risking a Training trait - what does paying the cost mean thematically?

Depending on the Training, I think of it like a character's focus and mental fortitude wearing down. Even someone who's really good at something can only keep it up for so long before they wear out and get sloppy.


Thanks for the quick reply. That makes sense. It's a little harder to picture for a background e.g Asteroid belt orphan. 

Mechanically once all slots have been ticked then it can no longer be staked I'm guessing

Yeah. Training is probably the safest asset to stake. Once it's used up, you just can't use it again until it's recovered.

There's some brief guidelines for recovering spent assets on the last page of the Union Rep Guide.